Experience the charm of Gythio

A magical journey back in time full of History and Myths brings us to Gythio, now, a place of attraction for travelers that impresses with its nobility and "island" characteristics.

In Gythio, "LAS" * - "Las Hotel & Spa" is the ideal base for excursions in historic Mani but also a destination by itself!

A destination all year round for the romantic people but also for those who are looking for an opportunity to leave everyday life behind by changing habits and images for a while!

*Las or Laas, was a Greek city that kept developing from prehistoric times to the Byzantine period.

In the Dorian language "laas" means stone. According to Greek mythology, the stones thrown by Deucalion and Pyrha, became, after an enormous cataclysm, the humans who founded the city. Legendary hero Las founded Gythio, but then was murdered by Achilles when he latter had come to Laconia as a fiancé to the Beautiful Helen of Troy.

The first historical evidence of Gythio has been found in the 5th century BC. Thucydides was the first to ever refer to the place. Pausanias gives the etymology of the name - Gythio - in his work "Laconica". According to him, ancient inhabitants of the area believed that it meant "Land of the gods". The belief was also supported by the tradition, that Hercules and Apollo once fought, when the city was being built, over the magical tripod of the Delphi Oracle. However, since there seemed to be no winner in this fight, they finally decided to call the city "Land of Gods". 

Gythio was Sparta's port. From 195 BC to 297 AD, Gythio is known to have been independent of Sparta. It was the capital of the Union of Free Laconians. In 375 AD when a huge earthquake took place and the tidal wave created, led the city to sink into the waters of the Laconian Gulf.

 Gythio is built amphitheatrically on the slope of Larysio hill so that the blue of the waters of the port is reflected in its neoclassical buildings that give a special glamour.

The port and its waterfront is the meeting point of the city, where you can relax for a coffee or ouzo, with traditional food and the view of the waves, or take a walk in the afternoon admiring the golden color of the sunset.