Measures for Covid-19

Dear clients,

The most important from the measures taken and implemented by our hotel for the prevention & treatment of Covid 19

based on the health protocols of NATIONAL HEALTH ORGANIZATION are:

The continuous training of all members of our staff in accordance with the instructions of the NATIONAL HEALTH

ORGANIZATION as well as the implementation of HACCP & ISO 22000.

We provide personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, overalls, etc.) to all employees but also to clients in need.

We keep distance measures throughout the hotel, and we suggest that clients avoid physical contact.

We have extended the time between check in (from 15:00) & check out (until 11:00).

In all common areas there are disinfection points (liquid / gel).

Regular & meticulous inspection of multiple contact points (elevators, shared wc, handrails, etc.).

In all rooms, after the departure, we disinfect with the electrostatic disinfection (fogger) using the appropriate certified

disinfectants. In addition, a certified steam cleaner is used for more meticulous disinfection (steam supply> 120º), where

after a seal is placed at the door so the client understands that no one has been in the room after disinfection. We also

provide disinfectants for individual use. The change of clothing according to the instructions of the authorities will be done

only at the request of the client. Also, following the instructions of the health protocols by NATIONAL HEALTH

ORGANIZATION, additional facilities such as kettles, mugs, glasses & printed information material have been removed

from the rooms.

The clothing & utensils of the kitchen / restaurant-bar are washed in the respective washing machines at a temperature

higher than 90º.

The breakfast at the buffet is served by a hotel employee upon the choice of the visitor taking all hygiene protections.

Also, some items for greater security are available in individual one-use packages.

Both during the process of receiving & storing goods, as well as the processing for food preparation, all safety rules set by

the HACCP & ISO 22000 are followed.

All necessary certificates for maintenance, cleaning & disinfection in all air conditioning units & systems of the building are

maintained regularly. Note that the latest technology LG air conditioning system of the hotel operates with the principle of

fresh air intake.

Customer and personal data files are kept (with application of GDPR (protection of personal data)), according to the


For any help you can contact the hotel reception, in pharmacies near the hotel, at the health center of Gythio tel.

2733022001, at the hospital of Sparta tel. 2731093100.